About Us

BerleyPro is a company based on innovation and creativity. With your support and feedback we are further developing our product range and are forever expanding.

Mariner Sails, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for BerleyPro in the Americas. We have teamed up with BerleyPro to offer a range of kayak and fishing solutions to maximize your fishing experience! Our guiding philosophy – Quality, Service and Value. And BerleyPro products are a perfect fit!

Mariner Sails staff members are experienced Kayak Fishing enthusiasts and recreational paddlers so you tap into well over 100 years of combined "on-the-water" experience with every purchase.

We have always been independently owned and operated and treat our customers the way we’d like to be treated. We actively support kayak fishing and paddling events and clubs and look forward to introducing you to our kayak fishing and paddling community. We realize that new participants are the key to the growth of any sport so feel free to ask us anything at all; there are no questions too basic - REALLY!