Side Bro Jig Bucket - 25mm - 1" Edition

Side Bro Jig Bucket - 25mm - 1" Edition

    Price: $22.00

    Code: BP1206

    Weight: 0.25 lbs

    Side Bro Jig Bucket - 25mm - 1" Edition

    BP1206 - BerleyPro Jig Bucket Side Bro - 25mm - 1" Edition 


    Organise your kayak the right way with a Jig Bucket Edition Side bro. These are made to fit the existing Hobie mesh pockets on the sides or the rectangular box. Great for storing tackle boxes, soft plastics and much more these can be mounted to any flat surface on your kayak, boat, cooler or more, with the stainless steel fasteners provided. You can use the slots machined also for jig heads, spinner baits or much more!

    Made in Australia from ABS plastic thermo formed and cnc machined to provide accuracy and quality every time.

    Dimensions: 295mm(11.6″) L x 105mm(4″) x 25mm (1″)H

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