Prison Pocket (B) Kit (Prison Pocket & Backing Plate)

Prison Pocket (B) Kit (Prison Pocket & Backing Plate)

    Price: $79.00

    Code: BP1213

    Weight: 0.50 lbs

    Prison Pocket (B) Kit (Prison Pocket & Backing Plate)

    BP1213 - Prison Pocket B with Vantage Seat Adapter (Right Side)


    The Prison Pocket is a storage system designed to hold nearly anything. This has a large pocket to hold tackle boxes at the rear (275mm L x 118mm H x 45mm D) and a smaller pocket on the front to hold soft plastic pouches or smaller tackle trays (170mm L x 60mm H x 24mm D). The slots on the front of the small pocket are used for hanging jig heads or lures. The two formed Vs on the side are made for holding pliers, scissors and fish grips. This is formed from ABS plastic and can hold the following. Vantage Seat Adapter is included.  (Right Side)

    Benefit storage in your Prison Pocket:
    • Soft Plastics
    • Jig heads and lures
    • Fish Grips
    • Large and small pliers
    • Scissors
    • PLANO 3600 sized tackle trays
    • Plenty more just use your imagination!
    Would prefer your tools on the other side? We also do the opposite hand of this product here!
    This product comes with 6 8G x 19mm Self Tapping stainless steel fasteners to mount it. No pliers, tackle boxes or plastics are included.
    ***Vantage Seat Is Not Included*****