Power Regulator 12'V 1.5 A

Power Regulator 12'V 1.5 A

    Price: $27.95

    Code: FPV10149

    Power Regulator 12'V 1.5 A

    FPV10149 - Power Regulator 12V 1.5A


    The FPV-POWER 12V Regulator is designed to be used with fishfinders needing a minimum of 11V to run. The reason is that at 11V, the battery will still have between 1/4 to 1/3 capacity left however the fishfinder will cut out as it hits its minimum operating voltage. The regulator is installed inline between the battery and fishfinder and will provide a constant 12V to the fishfinder right until the battery reaches its safety cutoff.

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