Parallel Pigtail

Parallel Pigtail

    Price: $13.99

    Code: FPV10252

    Weight: 0.25 lbs

    Parallel Pigtail

    FPV10252 – Power Parallel Pigtail


    The FPV-Power Parallel Pigtail allows you to connect two Batteries of the same capacity in parallel.  Need more power the Parallel Pigtail makes it so simple for you to wire two 7Ah or17.5Ah  FPV-Power Waterproof Lithium Batteries (with same capacity) and instantly you have 35Ah of power at your fingertips at 2.32 Lbs.  Note that one of the pictures illustrates the pigtails hooked up to two 7Ah (FPV10092) or 17.5Ah (FPV10091) Batteries with the BerleyPro Dual Batterang Bro (BP1416).  

    *****Batteries and the Dual Batterang Bro are not included****

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