Native Watercraft Steering Conversion

Native Watercraft Steering Conversion

    Price: $139.00

    Code: BP6022

    Weight: 1.12 lbs

    Native Watercraft Steering Conversion

    BP6022 - Native Watercraft Steering Conversion

    Turn your Native watercraft into a a new kayak with the this steering upgrade. This conversion can be done in 30 minutes and removes the steering stops and allows the rudder to really bite into the water.

    We have designed a new drum and rear disc for a new steering cord to run. This cord is now a high speed spectra with an average breaking strength of 290kg (639.341 lb) and is connected by a looped crimp and tied at the rear.

    The new rear disc gives you the ability to tension the rudder to take the last piece of play from the handle and give you a truly direct steering feel.

    The increased angle of the rudder also allows you to turn on a dime and the added bonus of aiding in loading and unloading by being able to move it to one side.

    This fits the following kayaks:

    • Slayer Propel 10
    • Slayer Propel 13
    • Ultimate FX Propel

    We are just checking the Manta 12 and Mariner Kayaks also!