Lowrance HDS7 Live Visor

Lowrance HDS7 Live Visor

    Price: $44.00

    Code: BP1736

    Weight: 0.35 lbs

    Lowrance HDS7 Live Visor

    BP1736 – Lowrance HDS7 Live Visor


    These visors were designed to reduce the glare and the water off your fish finder screen. By using a fish finder visor, it allows you to reduce your screen brightness and still see the screen clearly which prolongs battery life. We produce specific molds for each model of fish finder to provide a neat fit to keep your vessels electronics looking good.

     This visor was made to suit the:

    ·      Lowrance HDS7 Live Visor

     Benefits of the BerleyPro Visor:

    ·      Reduced Glare

    ·      Splash protection (and around card slots)

    ·      Reduced running temperature especially keeping the sun off touch screens

    ·      Longer battery life by reducing brightness

    ·      Makes touch screens easy to use with less water

     Made In Australia from black ABS Plastic.

    This is a 5-minute install using two stainless steel fasteners provided.

    ***Fish Finder not included.

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