Garmin Echomap 4 Series Visor

Garmin Echomap 4 Series Visor

    Price: $29.00

    Code: BP2510

    Weight: 0.42 lbs

    Garmin Echomap 4 Series Visor

    BP2510 - Garmin™ ECHOMAP™ 4 Series Visor


    These visors were designed to reduce the glare and the water off your fish finder screen. By using a fish finder visor, it allows you to reduce your screen brightness and still see the screen clearly which prolongs battery life. The added bonus of splash protection gives you more time fishing and less time cleaning.

    This Visor fits the following Garmin ECHOMAP™Serie 4 FishFinders:

    • ECHOMAP™ 42dv
    • ECHOMAP™ 43d

    • ECHOMAP™ 44dv
    • ECHOMAP™ 45dv
    • ECHOMAP™Plus 43cv
    • ECHOMAP™Plus 44cv


    • Reduces Glare on screen
    • Reduces Water on screen
    • Makes touch screen units easier to use without water on them
    • Increased Battery Life
      • Saves battery life by allowing you to turn the brightness down. (You can get up to twice the run time!!!)
    • Reduces heat on the screen allowing your unit to operate optimally
    Made in Australia from black ABS plastic.

    This is a quick install using the two stainless steel fasteners provided into the flush mount locations on the fish finder. Refer to the installation image provided for more information.

    ***Fish finder not included*