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Thank you for your interest in becoming a BerleyPro America/FPV-Power/Mariner Sails Dealer. Mariner Sails is the distributor of Quality Watersports Products in the Americas servicing, USA, Latin America and Canada. Mariner Sails has been in business for 43 years and we specialize in the Watersport Industry (Sailing, Paddling, Windsurfing, Parts).

  • BerleyPro manufactures very unique lines of products which can help your business drive new kayak accessories sales. BerleyPro makes products specific for a number of brands including Hobie and Native Watercraft kayaks.
  • BerleyPro transducer mounts replace the standard Hobie transducer mounts. BerleyPro transducer mounts allow for larger transducers and full protection for the transducer, while providing clear images and accomodating Side Imaging as well as Down Imaging for Lowrance, Raymarine, Garmin and Humminbird.
  • Our line of performance and electrical accessories for Native Watercraft are excellent solutions to fine tune your Native Propel Kayaks such as our, Steering Upgrade, BerleyPro Rudders, Propel Service Tool, Battery accessories etc.), We also make accessories for Viking Kayaks.
  • One of the fastest growing product lines is our full line of Fish Finder Visors which are extremely popular with the Kayaking and Powerboat Fisherman.

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