BerleyPro - Native Watercraft Propel Rudder

BerleyPro - Native Watercraft Propel Rudder

    Price: $184.00

    Code: BP6019

    Weight: 2.75 lbs

    BerleyPro - Native Watercraft Propel Rudder

    BP6019 - Native Watercraft Propel Rudder

    The BerleyPro slayer rudder upgrade is a retractable rudder which is spring loaded and designed so you can stop doing 12 point turns in creeks. It provides the user with a sharper turning radius and dramatically increases the tracking. By increasing the active area in the water by extending the rudder deeper, we have kept the turning toque to a minimum and gained the increased surface area needed. The lower section of the rudder will retract back to the same size as the existing rudder when beach landing or riding over snags. This is made in Australia with a hard anodized aluminium shaft for toughwearing resistance and the center drop down section is plastic. This is an easy install using the 1 stainless steel fastener provided.

    Worried about what happens when you hit something going forwards?  Don’t worry… The rudder is designed to fold back into itself if you hit something going forwards! It will just retract to the same size as the original rudder and you can put the locking pin provided in for easy transport, landing and launching.

    We make the rudders in Melbourne Australia out of thermoformed ABS plastic, and a CNC machined aluminum shaft. The rudder can be installed quickly with a screw driver and it comes with a locking pin so it can be collapsed when travelling.


    • Made in Australia
    • Hard anodized aluminium shaft for tough wearing and lightweight
    • Spring loaded center section
    • Locking pin for easy storage while traveling
    • Float attached to locking pin so you will never loose it

    For more information check out the installation instructions here.